Islam Is A Theocracy


Muslims are theocrats!

In Communist countries the people who do not agree with the ruling class are labeled irrational and thus mentally ill.

The purple revolutionary Communist in the U.S.A. are attempting to do the same and here is an example of the ground work being done against President Trump.

At the 40:22 minute mark of the video you’ll find that this man James L. Robart wearing the priest of baal robe tries to get the other bar member to agree that the President of the United States of America is acting irrationally but she makes the point it was Congress and Obama that listed the Countries.

Now at issue is; how do we the People deal with the Islamic Theocracy; (Islam means submission)that crosses National boundaries and as part of its religious practice is to conquer all of the earth in the name of their god?

“Our vetting needs to focus on the Sharia, not just violence. The US has taken a stand against racial hatred, why not take a stand against Kafir hatred?”

There is no moderate Islam; there is no radical Islam. There is only Islam.

The Communist are setting up the Christian and the political Zionist to anger and to have them wipe the Mohammedan off the earth so that they (the Socialist, Communist, nihilist, atheist) may then bring to heal the exhausted remnant under absolute Technocracy.

It is Time we prosecute the purple revolutionaries and the Muslims that refuse to denounce sharia. There is no religious exemption for advocating and trying to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.