Economist Agree!


But here are two different possible ways to keep the collapse from full manifestation.

To help understand the demographic aspect, take the time to listen to a demographer.

Alex Jones got Harry Dent to agree that a war would stop the collapse, that horrifies me through every fiber of my soul, but there is another ongoing way to change the demographics of America.

Immigration. But who should we let in?

What I know is that the Communist, Socialist and Muslim immigrant comes here to conquer in the name of their gods, the Christian immigrant should come here to be an American to freely enjoy their relationship with God.

By the way, I need help in finding the passages in the New (Christian) Testament that it is the will of God for his people to deceive and physically conquer all of Man.

That is why I’m behind the idea of Christian rescue.

I’d rather change the demographic make up of America by good constructive immigration, rather than the Communist, Socialist using Muslim immigrants in the murdering of Americans in war.