Portland International Airport and Portland’s Resistace


A Violent Force was and continues to be organized by Portland’s Resistance in attack against the Constitution of the United States.

What are you going to do about it Mr. President who swore an oath? (Page 20)

I’ll wait for you to get back to me with your answer to my question but for now let me give you my view and solution.

So there is this organization;

that is calling itself Portland’s Resistance, collecting money in support there of, that is using violent force and the threat of it;

to destroy, harm, and violate the Constitution of the United States.

This organized group of people in rebellion;

are aiding foreign;

peoples prosecuting a global war on we the People.

Now that I have laid out parts of the who, what, where, when and while I’ll leave the why for another time, I will give my solution that should put a damper on anyone else that desires to insurrection.

As of today there are three leaders which can be identified by: the contact number for Portland’s Resistance, the creator of the go fund me page and the confessed Portland Resistance leader at Portland International Airport in this news story.

Then there are those people that have signed up in support of Portland’s Resistance and those that have financed Portland’s Resistance who have not as of today the 30th of January in the year of 2017 rescinded their support and or demanded their money back because of Portland’s Resistance use of violence.

With all this in mind, I would bring the full force to bear of the Constitution of the United States and it’s codes on these people involved in domestic terrorism.

A secret …. The reason the Donald is now President is because the word went out that we the People would not let harm come to Obama. Just as Portland’s Resistance he too desired to insurrection.