Kill The Corporations!


Stop the Magic Show Now!

We the People of the United States have allowed our golem, the United States of America, to practice magic in the Jewish tradition and create golem of it’s own that do not serve the American common good.

In today’s world, here on physical earth, the golem have been imbued with the superior rank as a Person in America which in turn is being used by our enemies as a shield with sword as they race to deliver all of Man to live under a world Technocratic Communist government.

The President of the United States of America tweeted to all Men, willing and able to read of the earth, his disappointment with the golem styled as THE NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY.

As a true Nobel Warrior, the Donald first makes a very reasonable offer by letting the patriotic entrepreneur know that there is a golem for sale because it is not serving the Constitutional Republic but rather waging war against it and the People of the United States (aka-FAKE NEWS).

The President of the United States of America is the top executive of all corporations that are operating on American soil and seas.

The Donald follows up his offer of sale with the kindness way of saying he has the ability to stop the magic show by revoking the CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION and in my world inditing the owners and holders of the Serial Preferred Stock.

Until we the People use the code making ability of our creation to define a limited rank to these mental golem, what the patriotic man Donald John Trump is doing will help get us out of these dark days and into the light of prosperity to free us so we the People can be the good of this earth and beyond.