Communist Word Games


For your own sanity, never allow the communist to define words for you. If you do, a communist will convince you that a pig with lipstick on is a beautiful woman.

The word is the whole game with these slavers. Let us take for example the latest headline from CNBC:

I know Joe Biden used the word “liberal” instead of progressive but CNBC had to use the word progressive to make sure the signal got through the noise that what Joe was talking about is the “Communist world order”.

“Globalism” is the word for Communist world order that is trying to bring to heal every Nation on this earth.

Look who is going to save the Communist world order:

Want to know who the mover and shakers are of the  Communist world order? Keep in mind that you and me are nothing but human resources to these evil ones that believe that they have been blessed to be our rulers. Just ask the Communist world order spiritual leader.