“Know Your Enemy” They Give No Quarter


The Communist has no moral compass and will do what ever selfish whim serves their immediate goal.  As an example I point you to the THE NEW YORKER July 25, 2016 article about Tony Schwartz the ghostwriter of the book “The Art of the Deal”.

When Donald Trump posed no threat to Tony’s political ideology, which can be inferred by his contempt of his own family and describing them as bourgeois, he was willing to take a most very generous deal to write the book about the antonym of the communist.

Now ‘He feels “deep remorse.”‘ And “regrets it” so much that he speaks out in the hopes of tanking Donald’s run for president. Now ask yourself if you’d do a deal with or hire such a shallow man?

Thanks to the deep state actor US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson letting me know that:

“… the government sees no immediate threats for the January 20 inauguration,…”

I’ll pass the word along to Rosie, Michael, Bill and all the other ineffectual groups.

But wait! Stop! Look! and Listen!

If there is an inauguration, the Mr. President will have to deal with the actors who are desperately working to create a crisis.

Mr. Schwartz is not an anomaly when it comes to these actors but the norm for those who practice the ends justify the means. They fight under the red or bloody flag and will give no quarter.