Ummmm….An Answer


Ann Barnhardt is worth the time to watch, listen too and read what she writes. She asked a valid question in one of her blogs “, why exactly is it so important that people vote?”.

The short and simple is you are right to question the importance of the vote and it is not important because as you pointed out it is a Kayfabe but…The people do not vote. The citizen of United States of America is the one that votes if they wish. The important part of all this is to get the People of United States to give up their inheritance and except the voluntary servitude of being a citizen of United States of America and fall under the control of the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.

The understanding of the answer I have given to Ann Barnhardt may start with the publication M-654(rev. 07/08) of DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. Which is the current rule book.


Then get the Virginia Voter Registration Application.


Page nine of the Constitution for the United States is quite clear on why it is important as the preamble establishes United States of America and you have to check whether you are citizen of the United States of America.

Then on down page 9 of the rule book you’ll find that you have to be a Citizen of the United States to be a Member of The House of Representatives.

In Virginia you use to have to check a box as to whether you were a citizen of the United States which was found on page 37.

The united States of America was the entity that declared the Independent States which is found on page 1 thru 6 of the rule book.

And then you have to take into account for the CONSTITUTION OF VIRGINIA and “A DECLARATION OF RIGHTS made by the good people of Virginia in the exercise of their sovereign powers,…“. Page 11 of the PDF.

So we have these creations of man:

  1. good people of Virginia
  2. people Representatives of the united States of America
  3. People of the United States
  4. citizen of the United States of America
  5. Citizen of the United States
  6. citizen of the United States

So ask yourself. Who has the sovereign powers to voluntarily give away? Use your Logic but first you have to study and learn the Grammar of the subject. Start with Nouns – Proper and Common.