Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization

To understand one element of what is happening in the macro United Nations and in the micro Ferguson Mo., I first recommend you the reader watch both the interview of and the presentation by Yuri Besmenov.

Now that you have watched the videos above and learned the grammar of the subject and comprehend Yuri Besmenov’s rhetoric, go to and save a copy of the signed legal notices ATP 3-39.33  and JP-1.

The publication of all documents by the bureaucrats is no different than posting a legal notice of any impending action such as a foreclosure down at the local Court. Some men such as David Knight have the false understanding that ATP 3-39.33  and JP-1 are somehow secret and where mistakenly released. I say nulla (no), and to really see and interpret what is in action, open ATP 3-39.33 to the “Preface”, page v.

To answer the five wise men who taught me everything and how. I zoomed in on “… forces deploy in support of unified action … participation in unified-action, …”  within the first paragraph.

The phrase “unified action” is a term, so it needs to be defined to comprehend the grammar of the subject.

Now open JP-1 to “Executive Summary”, page xiii where you find the definition for  “unified action”.

Through the process of logic, all the world with me can say “scio” who, what, where, when, why and how.

Full spectrum dominance is the way of the empire and the end goal is normalization comrade.

In other words:

By “unified action” the crisis is to be created so that normalization can be brought to bear on the populace (civilians) of Ferguson in accordance to ATP 3-39.33.