Saturday, November 4th 2017


There seems to be a convergence of events that point to a day that might just be as historic as July 4th 1776 but instead of marking the birth of a Nation it might be the day a Nation dies.

The mosaic of links above will create a clear picture for those who are aware of past and present information which is available to all of us via the greatest library of information.

Comintern is the New World Order

Comintern is the abbreviation used for Communist International that ended in 1943. But did it disappear? Maybe it became the United Nations.

The United States under President Roosevelt was the leadership engine that brought together the United Nations creating a New World Order.

Since Obama lamented in a speech to the United Nations that the liberal (Comintern) New World Order was under siege but here to stay, the mantel of leadership has been pickup by China.

Now the cat is really out of the bag as to what the New World Order really is and what the plan is through President Xi Jinping address to the Chinese Communist Party on October 18th 2017.