No Broadcast But Ours


The only way China will get it’s message to be heard or seen is if there is no other message available.

Interesting that China “will launch a new global media platform at the stroke of New Year’s Day to help re-brand China overseas.” Internet kill switch in conjunction with the FCC take over switch; there is the ability for only one message in the U.S.A. for normalization to ensue.

The Call For Normalization


Justin Raimondo wrote an op-ed for the La Times and has a new syndrome – synonyms: condition, illness, complex, disorder, affliction, sickness – Trump Derangement Syndrome.

What I took away from this article was the soviet (TDS) call for normalization. “If you ask a TDS victim what might help them feel better, they’ll use the word “normalize.”” Continue reading “The Call For Normalization”

Is Alex Jones the reason for a goat sacrifice?


One has to first watch or listen to the Leak Project “Illuminati, OTO, Knights Templar, Breaks Silence, Black Magick, Blood Sacrifice, Rituals” video interview with Durward King Mahon.

Published on Dec 28th 2016.

At one point he mentions Alex Jones and Josh Reeves and Dr Shaun Ross then goes on to tell his tale of a goat sacrifice. After this incredible story he reveals what is the purpose of this ritual. Start at 1:11:08 of the video.