The Great Progressive American Leap Forward


The communist (Progressive) now know that they have not lost but still have the upper hand. With all the information given to the People, not one of the leaders of the communist movement has been indited or arrested. The apparatchik is prepared and pushing for the leap forward from with in the American governmental structures. The Presidents top people are telling the world to ignore him and parroting the communist line that the Russians, whatever. The multinational corporations that control the leading conduits of informational flow are openly promoting communist talking points and throttling those opposed to the communist and their actions.

The dastards have already convinced the American People that handing over our most precious gifts into their communist mind control camps is a good thing for the children’s well being (Thesis). Now the same communists are using their intentional failures to protect the children’s well being (Anti Thesis) with their perverse logic to bully the poltroon among us and have them agree to have our teeth and nails removed (Synthesis).

If the Republic is deceived by this dialectic process then “The Great Progressive American Leap Forward” will happen.

The Call For Normalization


Justin Raimondo wrote an op-ed for the La Times and has a new syndrome – synonyms: condition, illness, complex, disorder, affliction, sickness – Trump Derangement Syndrome.

What I took away from this article was the soviet (TDS) call for normalization. “If you ask a TDS victim what might help them feel better, they’ll use the word “normalize.”” Continue reading “The Call For Normalization”

Ummmm….An Answer


Ann Barnhardt is worth the time to watch, listen too and read what she writes. She asked a valid question in one of her blogs “, why exactly is it so important that people vote?”.

The short and simple is you are right to question the importance of the vote and it is not important because as you pointed out it is a Kayfabe but…The people do not vote. Continue reading “Ummmm….An Answer”